A Day In The Life, 2 (repost)

Originally posted 1-17-11

Well, today started nicely enough, with a good sleep in.  My first appointment was a little later than usual, so I got to be a slacker for a bit.  That was deserved.  I spent four hours at the salon on sunday adding shelving and generally upgrading my salon!  It actually gave me something to look forward to this morning. But no, today wasn’t going to be all sunshine and puppy dogs. I mean honestly, who expects a Kaiser to be closed, even on a holiday?  They told me my prescription would be ready, but they lied. It’s not cool to hold my antidepressants hostage on a Monday.

Luckily the work schedule was great.  I had gotten a client on my cancelations list in, so I knew I had gratitude going for me; however, a client being ten minutes late tends to bring my mood down.  It may not seem like much, but if my client is ten minutes late, I will normally be ten minutes late for a good portion of the day.  Really, I’m a great scheduler.  Her hair ended up fabulous, I’m good.

My next client was a very nice gentleman, with nice curly hair, easy to cut.

I had scheduled in a break today (very rare for me), so I had a chance to catch up.  Then, on to my next client, a new college student…veery cute.  Easy to do a nice cut for him.  Fine straight hair that fell perfectly.  Sigh, was I ever that cute?  Really feeling old today I think…

Next up was BD, old Jewish lady, whiny and often funny, likes her hair very short, but Judy Dench she is not, lol!

I’ve known my next to the last client for over 10 years, she’s a sweetie.  Used to have a pug, so she can do no wrong.  However, she’s got crappy hair.  Fine, very straight, pokey, and a strange hairline.  We give her ash blonde hair a fine application of foils with lightener, and use a dark copper blonde demi between the foils.  Perfect.

My last client, who also has fine straight hair, but hers like cotton candy, has been a wonderful friend of the family for many years, so I am always happy to wash away her grey, trim, and style.  That means I’m finished for the day!

Dinner with husband Pete, and William!  Can’t go wrong at El Centro.  Margarita Monday, woo hoo!!

P.S. $300.00 worth of clothes from English Laundry arrived today!!  All being sent back because it’s cut to fit a skinny 17 year old.  I am so old…


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