The blog in which I insult your style. It’s not meant for everyone! (repost)

This is a repost from a few years back. I think it’s still relevant.

OK, I don’t get it.  Do we not understand the term “Dress for Success” any longer?  I read the best quote online doing research.  “You are your own billboard”.  What a concept.  It says it so well I think.  The way you present yourself, is what people see.  It tells them what you want them to know about you in your first, and most important, impression. Humans are visual beings. We not only use our eyesight, but practically worship people who can offer us beautiful or exciting visuals. Movies, Television, Engineering, Disneyland for goodness sake, it’s all about the visuals. But we don’t see that in ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re entitled to dress any way your boss allows at work.  And we all dress down occasionally.  But really, don’t we understand what professional dress is any longer?

Now, I will confess that I was the kind of fashion nerd that wanted to get voted “Best Dressed” for the school yearbook. Sadly, I couldn’t compete with the money in the school I went to.  But even the most fashion challenged office worker should realize that the clothes make the (wo)man!

Oh, I’ve heard all the excuses. (I work in Davis, remember?  Have you ever been to Davis, CA?  It defines worker casual.)  “It’s too hectic in the morning”, “I can’t afford nice clothes”, even (and you know who you are) “if I dress too nicely people think I’m going on a job interview”.  Yes, I know, If you dress nicely your office mates think you’re a brown-noser, or going on a job interview. That’s the point. You keep them on their toes, and they think you’re worth more than the otherwise would. Since when does it matter what our co-workers think, anyway.  If you are a professional, dress like it!

Think for a minute.  What do the people who your boss reports to wear?  Do they dress the way you do?  I’d bet not.  If you want their job you better dress like it.  Yah, yah, you should be able to dress any way you want and still get that promotion.  Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.  As a matter of fact, with the new economic-and employment-reality, you might want to re-examine your image.  Just how secure is anyones job these days?  Wouldn’t we all like a little more security?  A little more money?

If you dress your best, you feel your best.  And if you feel your best, everyone around you will be blown away with how amazing you (and by extension your work) are.  Try a little test.  For one week dress in your best clothes, don’t go overboard, your dressing for work, not a wedding.  But really step it up a notch.  Spend a few minutes longer on your hair.  I am willing to bet that not only will you feel better heading to work, but your co-workers will comment.  In a good way!

And gosh darn it, why  not look good?  Don’t you want people to think your hot?


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