Yes You Can! (repost)

I wrote this for my son William when he was in college. In light of today’s job market, I though it was still apropos. 
This post is written in large part for my son William.  Hi William!  I don’t even know for sure that he reads my blog.  Hubby Pete doesn’t…very often. But I’m hoping if I mention his name William will read (I like to think I’m a good father, guilt is good).
While working on a new design concept for my website (getting rid of the info for the Studio, very sad), I realized that between web designing, painting, hair…uh oh, my brain is swelling, ouch.  Oh sorry, I don’t mean to brag, I’m just trying to make a point.  I believe you can do what ever you want to do.
It’s a cliche, I know, but when I talk to clients about my artwork, they often say the same thing to me.  Oh, I wish I could (fill in the blank).  To which I always reply, “you can!”  It’s absolutely true.  We expect every person in this country (and generally the world) to be able to write, add, subtract, read, know basic science (at least since the last political cycle It sounds like we do), but we don’t expect them to know art or music.  Duh, I know to a certain extent we all know this, but the crux of the issue is, we don’t learn it at all unless we are interested. Honestly, how many of you were interested in writing.  But you can write an email, can’t you?  Can you write a book, maybe.  Are you as good as Steven King, maybe not. Do you sit and read the classics? Cook? Can you learn to be a great musician, maybe not, but you might learn to play an instrument well enough to enjoy yourself.  
And that’s where the light bulb usually comes on.  Can you draw?  If someone teaches you how, yes!  Will you be any good?  Do you want to be?
See how it works?  Humans are amazing creatures.  We have the capacity for so much.  But we also limit ourselves tragically.  When I was thirteen I went to live with my Grandmother.  She was a painter.  Was she any good?  Probably not if you didn’t love her, but the work I’ve seen isn’t bad.  I would be proud to own them. They have a voice. However, she inadvertently cut my art career short by giving me some painting supplies, and no education. Boy did I suck, and give up for a long time. It wasn’t until I was studying landscape design that I tried again. I figured I should be able to make basic sketches for clients, so I took basic drawing. It turns out I liked it better than design. I immediately switched to fine art. Turns out painting is my thing, because I want it to be.
Hopefully by this point you can tell that I truly mean it when I say you really can do anything you want to do.  I always dreamed of being an artist, or musician, or writer, or dancer.  I can dance.  Would I be any good?  Maybe.  Would I want to be?