I’m happy to report that Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. Hubby Pete, my mother Betty, and I, really did have two of the most fun days I’ve had in years. We spent over 12 hours in the park both days! Oh, we paid for it later, believe me. My poor mother had a blister on the entire underside of her pinky toe, but I never heard her complain once.

ImageImageWe were there for her 70th birthday. I found out a few weeks before that she had never been to Disneyland! She’s lived in  California most of her life; Pete and I were shocked! Image


She insisted on the classic ears, albeit without the beanie. I was really surprised how many different kind of Micky and Minnie ears there are these days. Light up ears? Really? I’m surprised the change bothers me a little bit…


I think the jungle ride is my fourth favorite ride at Disney.



Disney piranha, oh my god, only Disney could make piranha somehow cute.


I’ve never ridden the teacups, I’m sure I’d like them, and they’re classics (hence the posed photo), but I don’t rate it high enough to stand in line. You can ride tilt-a-whirl at any amusement park. My list of favorites (really, in no particular order):

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Even though they’ve changed it (and Johnny Depp is in it a little too much), it’s still the iconic Disney ride.
  • The Haunted Mansion-Better at Christmas, but still pure Disney fun.
  • California Screamin’ – Modern, and not truly “Disney” in my book, but the best roller coaster in my experience.
  • Tower of Terror-Just pure fun.
  • Star Tours-Not classic Disney, but (even more with the updates) the best experience in the park, and classic in it’s way.
  • Space Mountain-Duh.
These are my must rides, mom rode them all with Pete and me, several times. She and I have been riding roller coasters together since I was about 13. It’s one of the things we enjoy as much today as ever, we also share a love of fashion, theater, and SciFi, most now shared with my son as well. There has never been a ride built that she and I won’t ride.


Yay Pluto! Unfortunately, he was the only character we got near 😦

ImageBy Disney, for now. My son lives in LA with his girlfriend (hi Jeanette!), we’ll be back to Disneyland. Hopefully some day we can see how much fun we have in Hawaii! Mom won’t wear a bathing suit and doesn’t like heat. Well, I’m pretty sure she’d try snorkeling for me…