Men In Skirts

Another repost from the archives…

Yes, I wear a skirt. Whew! That’s a weight off. Wait a minute, just to be clear, I don’t wear a girl’s skirt, I wear a guy’s skirt. Oh yah, you may call it a kilt, but it’s still a skirt, right? Okay, it’s actually called a Utilikilt; I’m not scottish.

The reason I wear a kilt? I’ve always loved kilts, I’ve always wanted to wear a kilt. And, I’m a grown man that can do whatever he wants. I also have a Mohawk.

The point is, as a hairstylist, I’m petty free to do as I please, it’s actually expected. The more I push the boundaries, the more success I find. However, the truth holds for you as well, YOU can do whatever you want. Just so you know, I am talking about hair, but it pretty much goes for anything in your life. In this day and age there are products, there are techniques, there are tools, to make your hair do almost anything. And in that same vein, there are tools, advisors, the internet, whatever you need, to help you do whatever you want with your life. It’s true! Go to school and get a degree in whatever you love. Get a makeover and wear the clothes that the people you look up to wear, or better yet, the people they look up to. Don’t lose weight, be healthy, love you and the way nature made you, but revel in it. Buy clothes that fit and show you off to your best advantage. Or join a gym and have at it. Go skydiving, or better yet kiteboarding in Hawaii. Get a way cool movie star hair do.

I dye my hair blue, I have a mohawk, I wear a kilt. I’m not always brave and happy. I ‘m a pretty moody guy a good deal of the time. Mostly mornings, as anybody who knows me is quite aware. But I’m here to tell you, if I wanted to, I could be a superstar. I could be Tabitha Coffey, or just me, but rich and famous, but who needs to work that hard? That’s not my dream. I live my dream.

Even if it is just to wear a kilt.