Starting Over

I managed to unpublished my website before I realized I would lose everything in my blog. It’s feels like losing several volumes of my diary. I guess it feels exactly like that come to think of it.

I decided that my website was getting to old and I risked losing all of the content since I didn’t want to buy an expensive new version of Dreamweaver, it’s the software I use to maintain the site. So I moved it to the same account I maintain Cobalt Salon & Gallery‘s website. In the process you have to unpublished your old site…and poof! I should have archived first. Must be getting old.

I managed to save one page, but the rest is gone for good unless I can find the original unedited files somewhere. I’ll be posting all I have in the next few hours, but then I start fresh.

Oh well. My mantra lately is act, don’t react. It’s a good thing I’ve been practicing…