Maui Photo Blog, Day Three

Day three of our Maui vacay. It started out wonderfully with fabulous weather and a quick trip to The Coffee Store for iced coffee for Pete, and an iced Latte for me. Then we were off to the Trilogy for our Molokini excursion. We were excited since we had seen tons of glowing reviews, and they MORE than lived up to the hype. The crew is friendly and bend over backwards to make your trip awesome. The catamaran is the perfect size for a small group of passengers, and the trip itself is the perfect amount of travel and snorkel. Bad news for me however, for the first time ever, in-spite of the Dramamine I took before boarding, I got dreadfully seasick while snorkeling! Pete and I got separated and while I was looking for him, the waves got the better of me, so I spent the rest of the trip feeling horrid. Pete says the lunch was great, I have no idea. Sitting sick on the upper deck for the entire last two thirds of the trip, I also managed to burn the tops of my feet. Oh well, the little snorkeling I got a Molokini was definitely the clearest and best snorkeling we’ve had in the islands, and once again I can’t say enough good things about the trip and crew. Mahalo Trilogy!


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