Maui Photo Blog, Day Two

Yay, day two in Maui! We decided to take it easy (it is a vacation after all). The only thing on the schedule is a historic/restaurant walking tour of Lahaina. lucky us, our tour was a little “problematic” and since we had definitely been charged for the tour, but had not been told where to meet our guide. I called and emailed the day before only to find that we were getting a private tour with Kent. In other words, they weren’t expecting us, and were doing their best to make it work. And work it did! Kent was not only incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Lahaina, but also a horn player, and member of a local volunteer concert band. Guess what Pete has planned for Thursday evening? I let you know Thursday if you haven’t figured it out yet. The rest of our day was spent swimming, and drinking on the lanai. Oh, and a napping of course!


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