It was exactly seven days ago yesterday that Buddha left us. It is exactly seven years ago today that I brought him home. He could not have been a better dog, and he will be missed.

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5 thoughts on “Buddha

  1. Yuriko says:

    What a beautiful life he shared with you and your husband. Buddha’s name, the seven days since he passed, and the seven years since you brought him home, reminds me that there are seven factors of Awakening in Buddhism. Of course his name reflected one who was awakened as well. RIP Buddha

  2. […] about the trip in retrospect is the fact that it was our last trip with Buddha. Our little¬†Buddhaman¬†loved this hike. He trekked along as if he hadn’t a care in the world, and wasn’t […]

  3. Christal says:

    Was that a Lion King costume on Buddha? Those are great pictures of a very content dog. He even liked the cat, apparently. And who is the cat?

    • hairslave247 says:

      It was a lion costume my ex-wife Laurie made for Buddha, Christal. He hated it, but our other dog (at the time) Homer didn’t seem to mind, it actually looked better on Homer anyway. The cat is named Ebi. He’s a bengal that lived with us for a while but my son has him now. Funny, Ebi adored Buddha, but Buddha got annoyed after a few minutes and would move away.

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